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Illustrative Work

Under the two phases of its assistance to the KfW-financed Environmental Protection Financing Facility for Public Sector Industry, Chemonics Egypt conducted industrial environmental audits for 154 factories and assisted the company managements to prepare technical and financial proposals for cost-effective pollution prevention and control projects. Chemonics Egypt has been contracted independently by private and public companies to
undertake sampling and testing, industrial audits, and/or environmental compliance planning for their facilities. Chemonics Egypt has assisted EEAA in the development and field-testing of industrial environmental inspection guidelines and trained EEAA inspectors.

On the USAID Cairo Air Improvement Project:

Chemonics Egypt is working with several authorities and companies in Greater Cairo to develop vehicle emissions testing programs, procure and maintain CNG (compressed natural gas)-operated buses, and implement major pollution control and relocation measures for lead smelters.