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Consultancy and Research services in the sectors of:

- Sustainable energy with focus on decentralized generation using solar thermal, waste to energy and hybrid technologies
- Resource efficiency with focus on providing the industry with means to cut production water, material, and energy costs as well as financially feasible waste management projects

Since 2014,

We have offered services to multiple private sector industry partners, international donors, and NGOs. Projects included working with international partners from world leading consultancy firms and clients across the region and the world. Such projects involved developing more than 30 startups and SMEs in areas of interest, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and waste management planning and implementation for 20 industrial partners, policy briefs, technology assessment and design of more than 20 waste to energy technologies, design of small scale wind generators, commercialization of nanotechnology in Egyptian industry, design of solar thermal systems, design of energy storage systems, industrial waste exchange systems, and multiple training and capacity building programs.