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Supporting startups and MSMEs as well as the eco-system

Chemonics Egypt has also developed various startups and MSMEs support tools and approaches that have been adopted by various public, private, and non-governmental organization. Through-out the years Chemonics Egypt has developed a keen understanding with needs of Egyptian SMEs as well as means refine a mix of international and local best practices in supporting entrepreneurs. Chemonics Egypt leverages its understanding of the industrial sector in Egypt in supporting MSMEs. Also, Chemonics Egypt has developed a strong network of public and private stakeholders relevant to MSMEs development on which it relies in implementation and development of plans and programs. In addition, Chemonics Egypt has helped entities develop their MSMEs and entrepreneurship support programs in a sustainable manner including design of incubators. Over the past two years CE has supported more than 150 startups and entrepreneurs as well as 10s of public and private sector entities in the areas of MSME development and entrepreneurship. CE work covered 15 Egyptian governorates with most of companies outside Greater Cairo.

Focus on Clean Technologies

Most of the support provided to startups and MSMEs by Chemonics Egypt is in the sectors or waste management, water systems, sustainable energy, and sustainable agriculture and food production. Hence, Chemonics Egypt is one of the very few startup support entities in clean technology market. This sector specific approach enables Chemonics Egypt to provide an effective service which is part of the wider market. Leveraging its market knowledge in clean technologies, Chemonics Egypt has managed to develop Egypt leading firms in the sectors above. Chemonics Egypt has the view that startups has higher capacity to innovate and higher agility than larger firms which enables them in solving market problems in clean technology sector. Hence, entrepreneurship is not only regarded as a new world paradigm in doing businesses but also as a market catalyst in clean technologies.