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New Project in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate



Chemonics Egypt Consultants is commissioned by the Project Preparation and Implementation Facility of the Mediterranean Hot Spot Investment Programme (MeHSIP – PPIF) to provide consultancy services for extending sanitation services to the unserved rural areas in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, Egypt.
The overall objective of the project is reducing the pollution in Rashid Branch of the Nile and BurullusLake through implementing wastewater collection
and treatment systems in deprived rural areas. The project is expected to provide sanitation services to 430,000 inhabitants at an estimated construction value of up to €120 million.
Chemonics’ scope of work include (1) preliminary assessment of Burullus Lake status and opportunities for pollution reduction; (2) assessment of the current sanitation program; (3) optimization of service areas’ (clusters) boundaries; (4) needs assessment;(5) assessment of basis of design, development and selection of alternatives and estimated values of alternatives; (6) preparation of detailed designs and tender documents for 2 high priority areas; (7) preparation of implementation plan; (8) environmental and social impacts assessment; and (9) assessment of financial, economics and institutional frameworks.



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